Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why Do Cats Eat Tape?

I feel like this is the Ultimate Question, not what is the meaning of life. I've googled this exact question and the only things I find are other bamboozled cat owners trying to figure out why their cat is so freaking weird.

I mean, they aggressively eat the stuff. Just trying to devour it completely. They always try to eat my band-aids too which is pretty disgusting. I guess there is just something about that sticky residue in most adhesives that cats just find aboslutely irresistible.

And you'll never understand.

This obsessive compulsive eating disorder that felines have is really inconvenient though when you're trying to break your cat's habit of clawing your couch. I bought this "no claw" tape stuff. Little did I know, it's pretty much double sided tape. I seriously thought I had bought a defective product until I went online and read the reviews. Problem is- Gretchen just can't keep her face off of it. She effectively managed to pull off one whole strip within an hour or two of me putting it on my couch. The great part is that it's not even that noticeable when you put it on.

Until your cat starts being a freak of nature and decides that this new couch application is the most delicious treat she's ever encountered.

And tearing it off so she can further chew on it....

I mean, I tried to get her to stop but there was no stopping her. It's like that one a cannibal a finger in the hope of saving an arm. I left her alone hoping she would get tired of it or get her fill of tape-flavoring in.

Clearly, the strategy here is to get your cat distracted from clawing your couch by giving it some tape to eat.

Well it worked. I think. I haven't seen them claw the couch since I put it on and I've since taken all of the tape off now that it was basically a mangled sticky mess of dust, hair, and questionable particles. I'll probably replace it but I had originally put it on to keep Mabel from clawing the couch since that is what she had been doing. Now she just doesn't give a shit about anything.

Ah well. I guess we're all happy. Mabel gets to lay around fattily, Gretchen gets to eat her delicious delicious tape, and I get to make fun of both of them.

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